This guy’s monthly bill will shock you!

Turning clickbait into donations.

Clickbait is the practice of spreading sensational headlines for the sake of page views.
It has invaded our feeds, our lives and our cultural spectrum.  

We’ve decided to turn it into something good and use clickbait to promote charities, 
support worthwhile causes and encourage donations. 

Join ‘Clickbait for Good’ by sharing a headline below.

Spoiler alert: We’re not talking about a mix of Spotify and Netflix here.

With only $60 / month, you can give 24 people clean water every year.’s 100% program is as easy as it gets when it comes to donating. It’s the Seamless of soul warming acts of kindness. And it allows you to track the impact of your donation through techy, well-designed updates.

“I give monthly because the less a child has to think about their need for clean water, the more they can learn and grow and dream and do.” claims New Yorker Jessica Stroup, who is a dedicated believer in the cause.

So, next to your favorite TV shows, organic groceries, and unlimited data plans, you might want to add some good karma to your monthly bill.

This is something really worth clicking on.